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Fake, Beethoven, the Korean Independent Movie Released in Theaters Hits a Jackpot; an Opportunity for Export Opens

The Strength of Fake, Beethoven, the winner of the Special Jury Prize in the 25th Chunsa Film Arts Festival

SEOUL, South Korea, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The newest film by director Bong Su, Seoul South Korea, released in theaters on February 25, 2021. The film gained popularity as the two rising actors Kim Nu Ri and Song Dong Hwan played the lead role. The film is still available in theaters even in its fourth week – and without any special promotions.

'Fake, Beethoven' with actors Kim Nu Ri and Song Dong Hwan, the Korean Independent Movie Released in Theaters Hits a Jackpot
'Fake, Beethoven' with actors Kim Nu Ri and Song Dong Hwan, the Korean Independent Movie Released in Theaters Hits a Jackpot

The film first came out in major movie theater chains in Korea, such as Megabox and CGV Arthouse. So far, Fake, Beethoven has attracted more than 3,500 viewers. The film picked up steam as it released and it ranked first in ticket sales. In addition, it remained the top five most popular movies even after weeks have passed since it came out. The film also became available at the same time as the theaters on various over-the-top (OTT) media services in Korea, such as KT Olleh, SK Broadband, LG U plus, Kakao TV, Naver Series On, TVing, and WAVE.

Fake, Beethoven is about a director named Bong Su, who was once successful but loses everything after being framed for his wife's murder and the conflict with his antagonist, director Seo Jeong Woo. Director Bong So stars in the film as one of the leading actors to play the character Bong Su, the teacher of director Seo Jeong Wu, along with actors Kim Nu Ri and Song Dong Hwan.

In the film, actor Kim Nu Ri (Agency: FNC Entertainment) plays the character Sohn Ye Eun, who is caught in between the conflict of director Bong and Seo. She also starred as the leading actress in the music video of N.Flying's fourth mini-album, HOW R U TODAY. Since then, she acted in web drama series such as Story-day Season 3, What is Love?, I Met You Again, and Half of Half that earned her the nickname "the goddess of web drama series." In this film, Fake Beethoven, she played the leading actress.

Actor Song Dong Hwan played the character Seo Jeong Wu, who is at the other end of the conflict with director Bong So. Seo has many experiences across plays, operas, dramas, and movies. His talent stood out in the play Susanghan Place, Alice's Capsule Coffee, Catch the Guy, and the opera Turandot. Thanks to such background, he played both supporting roles and bit parts in the mainstream, such as tvN drama Basketball, web drama series The Best Time to Quit Your Job, and films such as Hell Money, Perfect Proposal, Scarlet Innocence, Puzzle, Monstrum, and My Big Mama's Crazy Ride. These experiences helped him get some recognition in the industry.

The long independent film Fake, Beethoven is a crime thriller that solves the mystery behind a murder where a movie director is wrongly accused him of being a murderer, and the people around him who continue to promise and betray him. The film also discusses how people lie and the boundaries between the truth and lies. Actor Kim Nu Ri and Song Dong Hwan starred in this film, along with director Bong Su. Actress Lee Il Hwa starred as a special guest in the film, which attracted people's attention. Fake, Beethoven won the Special Jury Prize in the 25th Chunsa Film Arts Festival last year.

President Jeong Dae Sung of the GNN News, the global news media responsible for the marketing of director Bong Su's Fake Beethoven, stated that "Fake Beethoven is currently under detailed discussions for export in more than 50 countries through international GNN branches that are currently being established." He also said his vision by adding that "From this success, GNN will participate in next films by director Bong Su from the script stage to promote globalization of the independent films of Korea."


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