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BasisAI builds foundational machine learning capability for ComfortDelGro's newly-launched lifestyle and mobility app, Zig

Bedrock platform provides the foundational layer for the organisation's data-led initiatives

SINGAPORE, March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Artificial intelligence (AI) software provider, BasisAI, announced their data-led contributions to land transport giant ComfortDelGro's newly-launched lifestyle and mobility app, Zig.

BasisAI, who specialises in rapidly scalable AI systems, collaborated with R/GA Singapore, an innovation consulting company with a strong expertise in technology and design, to bring a unique combination of application design, data strategy and data architecture to the development of Zig. BasisAI's proprietary machine learning platform, Bedrock, was selected as part of the tech stack that provides the foundational layer for Zig's data-driven capabilities.

Launched on 9 March as a mobile app-first platform and designed with a consumer behaviour-centric approach, Zig innovatively combines journey planning, transport booking and lifestyle discovery into an all-in-one app to create a more personalised consumer experience for users across Singapore.

For applications that have built AI into their technology roadmaps, having a solid technical foundation is a crucial factor to productionising systems. BasisAI designed a data architecture on Zig that is both flexible enough to accommodate near real-time data analytics, and future machine learning enhancements to support high-volume production environments. With a robust machine learning infrastructure, Zig is better placed to deliver value at scale through its mobility and lifestyle offerings.

BasisAI worked with Zig's data scientists to identify potential AI use cases that would enhance the user experience for its operations team and customers. These use cases were then built and managed on BasisAI's Bedrock platform, which provides the data scientists a place to develop, monitor, deploy and govern AI solutions.

"Tightly weaving the principles of data and design together supercharges innovation, and that is what our collaboration with R/GA Singapore allowed us to do with Zig," said Mr Liu Feng-Yuan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BasisAI.

"We had a great partnership with BasisAI in our work for Zig, which involved the creation of a data pipeline with the short-term ambition of developing machine learning and data-led capabilities within the application, using Bedrock. Our goal is to drive a hyper-personalised experience for users – an area that BasisAI has proven experience in delivering, and I'm glad to say we are on the way to achieve that," said Mr Laurent Thevenet, Executive Technology Director, R/GA Singapore.

Zig is now available for download on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

For organisations interested in data-driven transformation, please contact BasisAI via their website.

About BasisAI

BasisAI, a technology company headquartered in Singapore, is on a mission to build well-governed, trustworthy AI systems with its world-class, experienced team of AI leaders and practitioners. Through its proprietary Bedrock system, Basis AI provides a machine learning platform that orchestrates the prototyping to production cycle in minutes, not months, enabling enterprise customers to make a real-world impact with a long-term competitive edge. 

For more information, visit the company website: https://basis-ai.com/.

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