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Cedrus Group to Launch a New Office in Zurich, Switzerland

HONG KONG, March 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Cedrus Group ("Cedrus"), a global financial services and investment group, is pleased to announce that it will be opening a new regional head office in Zurich, Switzerland.  The new office will further enhance the group's presence in Europe and better serve its European client base with more investment opportunities especially in life sciences and key technology sectors, including innovative technologies, as well as facilitating the communications between Chinese and European investors and companies alike. Moreover, the new office will further enhance Sino-Swiss economic and business relations in conjunction with the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, which offers significant growth in opportunities for cross-border M&A and investment activities.

With sophisticated expertise that is in great demand and decades of experience in inbound and outbound investments in Europe and China, Cedrus has successfully positioned itself in key cities in China with strategic importance, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hainan. The new regional head office in Zurich will enable the group to have a local office further extending its reach and access to the broader European region. This will allow Cedrus to better identify cutting-edge and innovative technologies for Swiss and Chinese investors, increasing its ability to capture value-generating investment opportunities for its global clientele as a whole.

More importantly, Zurich has long been recognized as an elite international financial hub owing to its robust business environment and innovations. Amid its trusted and strategic relationships in China and Switzerland, Cedrus is committed to attracting Chinese investors and companies to Switzerland through its newly established office by further leveraging our extensive investment experience and network.

In addition, Cedrus' new office will serve as a footprint with which the group can further expand its extensive network with local leading European companies and investors as well as regional authorities, ultimately strengthening the group's capability as a major multi-centered international investment group with strong regional influence.

Mr. Rani Jarkas, Chairman of the Cedrus Group, said that "We are excited that we are opening a new regional head office in Zurich, which is another significant move in extending our worldwide footprint.  Swiss companies have a long history operating in China, and one of them was China's first foreign joint venture partner. Switzerland is the only continental European country to have a free trade agreement with China. Hence, our new office in Zurich will further enhance cross-border investments and cultural exchange between the two countries. In addition, the Zurich office will not only further expedite our efforts in bringing world-leading innovative products and technologies from Europe to China but also provide Swiss investors and companies with a different perspective to increase access to the Chinese market, while assisting Chinese investors and companies to gain deeper and broader access to the European market in general."

About Cedrus Group

Cedrus Group is a financial services and investment banking group with integrated merchant banking capabilities. In addition to its asset management and financial advisory services offerings, Cedrus, through its member of the group companies, invests directly and globally in businesses and projects, primarily through equity investments by leveraging its specific expertise in innovative technology, life sciences, healthcare, mining and other related sectors.  

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