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Leading facial recognition technology provider Corsight AI announces expansion into the Asia Pacific region

SINGAPORE, March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Corsight AI, a leading facial recognition technology provider, today announced that it has expanded its reach and offering throughout Asia Pacific and has appointed William Tan and Amit Sarkar to accelerate market growth and support the regional surge in demand for facial recognition technology. 

Rated highly by NIST and The US Department for Homeland Security, Corsight's facial recognition technology is the only one on the market that allows for a more comprehensive, ethical and accurate detection of identifying individuals features, thereby driving down false positives and enhancing accuracy for users. This advanced technology exceeds the human brain's ability to register and recognise faces in the most challenging environments -- even with face masks that have become a significant part of our post Covid-19 reality.

This technology is becoming increasingly leveraged by organisations across Asia, even within markets that have been notoriously slow to approve such innovations, due to tight enforcement protocols. Facial recognition has been identified, along with edge computing, as a major trend[1] with the 'Asia-Pacific Biometrics Market' expected to grow from $5.39 billion in 2018 to $21.19 billion in 2025[2].

The appointment of William Tan to spearhead the expansion throughout Asia Pacific will significantly enhance Corsight's operations and grow its market share. William Tan comes to Corsight AI from NEC Corporation, a multinational information technology and electronic company, where he served as Director for Global Face Recognition and Surveillance. Based out of Singapore, he will partner with Corsight AI's new Regional Director of India, Amit Sarkar, as well as the Executive team to deliver on the company's corporate and customer strategy.

Amit Sarkar will be specifically responsible for driving growth in India, as well as evangelising the ethical stance of facial recognition technology and its capabilities to be deployed as a force for good. This will be welcomed in a region that is harnessing facial recognition at scale, and rolling out one of the world's largest government-operated facial recognition systems to keep people safe from real-time threats.

"This is the next stage in our growth plan and we are excited to expand our specialisms in emerging markets in Asia, including government agencies and companies in a variety of sectors, including law enforcement, tourism, hospitality, entertainment, among others." said Rob Watts, CEO of Corsight.

Watts continued: "The biometric market in Asia is maturing at pace, and we are delighted that William has joined us to drive strong regional growth. William's extensive knowledge and experience working in the ICT industry, as well as his expertise in business development, channel partnerships, and strategic alliance sales and marketing, make him ideally suited as Asia Pacific's Vice President. He has a proven track record and achievements in global product management of biometric and AI solutions, and I am confident that he will achieve great things in the region."

William Tan added: "It is a real privilege to work with such an innovative and experienced team and I look forward to contributing positively to Corsight's growth plan, especially in Asia. Corsight's product has proven itself to be a disruptive technology in multiple demanding industries. It is cutting edge and I can truly see its power as a force of good, with the many ways in which it can benefit societies."

Corsight AI will be expanding business in key regions in Asia including; Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea and India. For more information about Corsight AI, which is backed by over 250 patents, please visit www.corsight.ai.

About Corsight AI

Corsight AI, a leading facial recognition technology provider, is dedicated to creating a game-changing solution with unrivalled speed and accuracy. The technology is powered by Autonomous AI, the most advanced artificial intelligence system. Corsight AI works with government agencies and companies in a variety of sectors, including law enforcement, aviation, retail, entertainment, and more.

Corsight AI is jointly headquartered in the United States and UK, with R&D offices in Israel. For more information, please visit www.corsight.ai and follow us on LinkedIn.

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