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Likee carries out 'Likee Star' contest to award the best content creator

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, March 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Based on data from the Cisco Annual Internet Report, the trend of short video content will increase by 82% until 2022. The development of short video platforms makes it easier than ever before for people who want to be well-known to the public. One of the leading short video-making platforms based in Singapore, Likee, just held the "Likee Star" contest, to find the most talented content creators. The event was held recently and Likee selected five talented content creator stars in Latin America.

No. 1 in Diamond ranking on Likee Star

Crolina Guerrero, a 24-year-old girl from Colombia, loves to create comedy for social networks and has almost 5 Million followers on Likee. She joined Likee in 2019 and with her most viral audios such as "the factory of heights", the girl captivated a lot of fans by her voice.

In the moment the girl met the Likee Star competition, she hadn't hesitate to participate. "It was my opportunity to renew my place in Likee and show I could be a Likee star. Without my followers, I wouldn't have achieved anything, so this first place belongs to everyone, and I am very happy and grateful to be a Likee star," said Carolina.

No. 1 in Platinum ranking on Likee Star

Ignacio Orellana is a 19-year-old creator who has been on the platform for less than 1 year. He said, "Since I was 8 years old, I dreamed of winning a talent competition and thanks to Likee I was able to achieve it. I love creating comedy and family-themed content and Likee is my favorite app. People here are wonderful and engaging."

Likee Super Star Caro Rojas from Argentina

Many people feel that they have a marked path since they were born and this seems to be the case of Caro Rojas from Argentina who, at young age, has already participated in cinema films, international miniseries, video clips of Latin American and European artists.

The girl came to Likee more than two years ago because of her extensive career, and since that day she hasn't stopped generating original content, with passion and happiness. With more than 680k followers and more than 2 million likes, she shows her acting talent for lipsync and comedy, and stands out for her simplicity when it comes to exploiting all the creative potentialities that Likee offers, with her brilliant tutorials.

Other winners of the competition also include Lionshly with over 200k followers on Likee as well as Aranza. Cisne, a cute girl with her mother, with more than 121k likes on Likee.

In the future, Likee will hold more star-making contests to present and reward those gifted content creators. "We believe that the hard work and the talents should be appreciated and they deserve to be a shining star in the public," said spokesman of Likee Latin America.

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