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MoveSG Future of Mobility: Seeds of Inspiration virtual summit predicts the future of mobility in 2050

SINGAPORE, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The inaugural MoveSG Future of Mobility: Seeds of Inspiration virtual summit, delivered a bold creative perspective that predicted what mobility would look like in 2050. It will be a greener world built on holistic, interconnected and customer centric ecosystems, filled with multi-modal transportation such as flying cars & hyperloops. Mobility will be driven by electric in the continuous pursuit to achieve carbon neutrality, and fully autonomous enabled by superior next generation connectivity technology. Cities will be redesigned to be more intelligent, inclusive and sustainable.

The stimulating six-hour session on 9th March 2021, saw an impressive line-up of internationally renowned business leaders, technology and mobility experts and disruptors debate, discuss and explore the potential and possibilities of building an inclusive, equitable, sustainable future of mobility. Organised out of Singapore, the event drew participants from over 23 regions from Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom Austria, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore and more.

Among the presenters included Paul Scanlan, CTO, of Carrier Business Group Huawei Technologies, Andy Tai, Head of Media and Technology Investment Banking Goldman Sachs, Emily Tan, General Manager of City Solutions at Shell Renewables & Energy Solutions, Jianxiong Xiao (Professor X), CEO of AutoX Inc, as well as a panel of speakers from Goldbell portfolio of investments - What3Words, Waycare and MDGo. In addition, 8 MoveSG Accelerator startups gave 5-minute direct pitches to the international investors.

The message and sentiment from the global thought leaders at the MoveSG live virtual summit was crystal clear about how profound changes in the 2nd great mobility inflection point, will have far reaching impact across multiple dimensions; businesses, industries and cities:

  • The new world will be greener, blending into it all a more holistic, interconnected and customer centric ecosystems.
  • Flying cars will feature in multi-modal transportation of the future, made possible by continuous improvements in technology
  • AI is core and will play a key role in these transformational technological innovations creating new business models, driving higher productivity, efficiency, quality and affordability on broad spectrum of a human life and urban planning for smart cities.
  • The sharing economy will be here to stay. We will see consumers adopt a more asset light approach to mobility with less direct ownership of cars
  • Startups, corporations and universities will continue to be critical in driving innovations from inventions to new discoveries and new business models

The summit also highlighted how supportive legislations and regulations would be the corner stone to a scalable and sustainable implementation of the future of mobility. And that each country and region will do so at differing speeds due to the intrinsic and unique nature of the country's strength, culture and readiness. The summit closed with a light hearted look at the inspirations behind prominent sci-fi movies and comic books that had accurately predicted the future of mobility.

The event was organised by the Goldbell Group (Goldbell), Singapore's largest player in leasing and distribution of commercial and industrial vehicles, in collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and AIRmaker under the auspices of Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Economic Development Board. This summit was part of the Goldbell helmed MoveSG Accelerator programme that supports promising local and Singapore-based international entrepreneurs within the fields of mobility, transport and logistics.

"The global mobility ecosystem is evolving, and as we shift towards more human-centric and sustainable mobility, it is encouraging to see corporates such as Goldbell continuously embracing innovation and seizing new opportunities in these new growth areas. We commend Goldbell for lending greater vibrancy to Singapore's innovation ecosystem through the first mobility-themed accelerator," said Mr Peter Ong, Chairman of Enterprise Singapore.

"Given the response and feedback from the participants and attendees of the MoveSG Future of Mobility: Seeds of Inspiration virtual summit, we believe that we have fulfilled our objective of creating a platform that not only drove dialogue, created insights and promoted collaboration, but also provided inspiration in the redesigning of an inclusive, equitable and sustainable future of mobility." said Kelvin Tay, Managing Director of Future Mobility, Goldbell Group. "In line with our vision to be a leading player of the future mobility landscape for smart cities, we will continue to be at the forefront of driving many more of these discussions."

Selected session recordings will be made available for free on www.futuremobility.com.sg and Goldbell's YouTube channels in the next following week. https://www.youtube.com/user/goldbellgroup

About Goldbell Group

Goldbell Group is Singapore's largest player in leasing and distribution of commercial and industrial vehicles. Literally a driving force behind Singapore's growing economy, Goldbell has been providing industry-wide transport and logistic solutions - passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as material handling equipment - for nearly four decades. The company's diversified business portfolio operates under three main business pillars: Distribution, Leasing, and Financial Services, which deliver a suite of total business solutions (vehicle and equipment sales, leasing, financing, aftersales service, spare parts, insurance, and equipment usage training, as well as fleet management services).

Understanding the importance of innovating its core business through tech and the need to venture into new capabilities to future proof its business, Goldbell Group set up a Future Mobility division with the vision to be a leading player in the future mobility landscape for smart cities. Tapping the Group's domain knowledge, it assesses and deploys innovative and functional technologies that complement and advance its core business. Looking beyond its existing ecosystem, it also invests in disruptive start-ups through an evergreen corporate venture capital fund, operates an accelerator to groom promising start-ups with the help of a network of strong corporate partners in the region and establish new businesses such as a shared mobility technology company and an autonomous warehousing solutions company.

Goldbell Group is one of the high-growth local companies identified by Enterprise Singapore to be part of the Scale Up SG programme. For more information, please visit: http://www.goldbell.com.sg.

About MoveSG

MoveSG is a global acceleration programme open for companies and entrepreneurs across the globe in Singapore. MoveSG is helmed by Goldbell – Singapore's largest player in leasing and distribution of commercial and industrial vehicles – and located in the strategic and global technology hub of Singapore with the support of key industry partners such as Shell, Avis Budget Group, ComfortDelGro Ventures and Enterprise Singapore. MoveSG aims to pilot and nurture technology solutions in the area of mobility, transport and logistics and push for solutions to real problems in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific.

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