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Multimedia News Release: Zhejiang University: Bigger starts here

HANGZHOU, China, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 4th, the cover article of Nature published the latest result of a Zhejiang University research team on bionic soft intelligent robot. For the first time the team realized an exploration with the robot in Mariana Trench, which is 11,000 meters deep, providing solutions for deep sea exploration. Pursuing innovation seems to be rooted in the genes of people from Zhejiang University.

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On May 21st this year, Zhejiang University is about to celebrate its 124th anniversary. A new university video titled "Bigger Starts Here" was released to mark the day. It tells how teachers and students of Zhejiang University find higher goals in the campus, and brave risks for the social good.

Wang Tun ('95, cryogenics) is an alumnus of Zhejiang University. With 12 years of efforts, he has built the world's largest earthquake early warning system and China's first multi-disaster early warning technology platform, protecting the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

"Zhejiang University's educational philosophy of seeking truth and pursuing innovation has transformed my life," Wang said. "The school motto is what I have always been practicing in my work. As China is stepping towards the forefront of global science and technology, there is a greater need for innovation awareness and ability."

A summer eight years ago, Gao Jinshuang was 17 years old and lived in a valley in Yunnan, southwest China. A group of Zhejiang University students came to his middle school to teach voluntarily. At that time, he did not know that would be a life-changing summer. A short-term volunteer program might not change the lives of every local student, but for Gao, the influence was far-reaching: he started to dream about studying in Zhejiang University in the future.

Hard work won him the admission notice from his dream university and made him the first student in the village to receive college education. Since then, Gao has given back others' help by constantly helping others. "Our contribution is limited, but we will try our best to enhance people's confidence and convince them that they have the ability to turn their dreams into reality."

Professor Li Zhirong, associate director of Zhejiang University's Cultural Heritage Research Institute, has led a number of projects of historical significance, many of which are highly interdisciplinary in nature. She successfully combines the University's engineering expertise and its profound sense of mission in preserving Chinese culture and history. Her interdisciplinary team created the world's first movable 3D replica of a 1,500-year-old cave of Yungang Grottoes.

When asked what she hopes to achieve in the new year, Li's answer is concise and punchy -- be the accelerator of others. She believes that in this way, the team will fulfill their original intention of serving the society and preserve cultural relics in a timely and reliable manner. "So future generations can get a similar full experience of the historical relics like their ancestors."

As the title says, "Bigger Starts Here", Zhejiang University, this century-old institution of higher learning will keep moving forward with greater innovation and achievements.

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