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Nippon Express Begins China-Vietnam Cross-border Rail Transport Service

TOKYO, March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The East Asia Region section of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. launched a new cross-border rail freight service from Suzhou, China, to Hanoi, Vietnam, on Wednesday, February 24, using international rail lines connecting China and Vietnam.


Photo: Nanning South Railway Station

Features of service

  • This service departs Suzhou West Railway Station, located amidst the industrial clusters of eastern China, and travels via Nanning South Railway Station to Yen Vien Railway Station (Hanoi).
  • The use of rail transport makes possible reliable lead times (8-10 days).
  • This eco-friendly transport service also provides customers with a useful BCP option when faced with ship and truck congestion.

Background to service development

Ocean cargo transport from China to Southeast Asia is currently plagued by shortages of space aboard vessels, and the need to secure a transport route offering reliable lead times led to the development of this new transport service as a BCP initiative.

Future plans

Nippon Express will be looking to develop rail transport services from Vietnam to China, and will be considering transport services that combine rail with other transport modes.

Nippon Express will continue satisfying increasingly diverse logistics needs and fulfilling the commitment to "create new ideas and value that expand the field of logistics" proclaimed in the Nippon Express Group Corporate Philosophy.

Nippon Express website: http://www.nipponexpress.com/

Official LinkedIn Account: NIPPON EXPRESS GROUP

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