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Niseko Japan Luxury Real Estate Investment: Kouzan Phase 1

HONG KONG, March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Situated in the Niseko Town Scenic Area, Kouzan Woods is a development of luxury villas designed to give unique Niseko winter experience to its residents through stylish and modern architecture. Expected to complete in December 2021, the villas are developed by a professional Hong Kong developer, Kouzan Asset Holding Limited. A total of 8 designer houses are ready for sale this spring and it is the company's mission to develop quality and stylish real-estate properties with good investment value that also brings pleasure to everyone who stays in them.

Woods is now open for sale where are topping all other areas in Japan in the land price of percentage growth. Expected rental revenue per annum is 7-10%.
Woods is now open for sale where are topping all other areas in Japan in the land price of percentage growth. Expected rental revenue per annum is 7-10%.

Hot Investment Location in Asia: Niseko

Famous for its powdered snow, Niseko is highly regarded by ski enthusiasts and crowned as one of the top 10 international ski resorts by Forbes. It is also voted as the best powder snow resort in the world by National Geographic. Furthermore, when compared to other world-class ski locations, the real estate price of Niseko ranks only 34th with an average of €7,900EUR/sqm, being only one-third of that of Courchevel, France, which averages at €25,300EUR/sqm. The prospect of appreciation is unparalleled for Niseko's properties.

With the massive availability of liquidity, real estate investments with good potential are highly sought after by investors over the world. Benefited by Asia's robust economic growth in recent years, as a tourism hot spot, Niseko has recorded consecutive years of growth in the number of visitors. Niseko has attracted international business groups as well as wealthy individuals in Asia to invest in the area, building premium real estates, resorts and hotels, in order to keep up with the increasing demand of tourism and high-end spending. The land price of the area has been growing continuously over the last 5 years and topped all other areas in Japan in terms of percentage growth. Unhindered by the pandemic, real estate transactions are still bustling in the Niseko area, and against the prevailing market sentiment, land price of Kutchan, the town adjacent to Kouzan Woods where the world-renowned ski resort Grand Hirafu is located, has increased by 31% over the year 2020.

In light of numerous vaccines becoming available, there is much hope the pandemic will be reined in and the world's economy and tourism will start to recover. Japan is the destination of choice for many tourists, and as the number-one ski resort in Asia, it is very much expected that Niseko will continue the excellent growth trend in its number of visitors.

Luxury Villas with Style and Highlights: Kouzan Woods

Kouzan Woods adapts a low-density development approach and peacefully fits itself into the beautiful natural surroundings. Each 3-bed-2-bath villa has a welcoming and elegant 7.5m two-story foyer, contemporary onsen style bathroom and a tatami room with panoramic view in the direction of Mt. Yotei. The home is kept warm by the fireplace and heated floors designed for ultimate comfort, and the vast, snow-covered forest can be seen from the second-story living room through the 4.5m floor-to-ceiling glass wall. Everything is designed to give the greatest pleasure for those who stay here.

Scenic, Tranquil and Convenient

Located inside the Niseko Town Scenic Area, Kouzan Woods is surrounded by the serene and rustic forests of Northern Japan, and Mount Yōtei, dubbed as the "Fuji of Hokkaido", is within view. While nestled amidst the tranquil forest, the development is also only 8 minutes away from the heart of Niseko, Hirafu Crossroad, which is teemed with Michelin star restaurants, classy bars, and superb onsens.

For the residents of Kouzan Woods, there is no lack of choices when it comes to enjoying the famous Niseko powder snow. Other than Grand Hirafu and Annupuri Kokusai Ski Area, there are numerous other skiers' favorite spots just around the corner.

On top of it all, with the extension of Hokkaido Shinkansen expected to complete in 2030, and the new highway in 2025, travel time between Tokyo, Kutchan, and Sapporo will only be a few hours away, giving the development extraordinary exclusiveness and convenience at the same time. New direct flights are commencing from China to Sapporo in 2020-2021 as well.

Kouzan Asset: to build with professionalism and innovation

A team formed by chartered surveyor, architect, and professional real estate investors, Kouzan Asset has been participating for years in the real estate market in Tokyo and Niseko, striving to provide professional and innovative services and products to those who intend to invest in the market.

One unique aspect of Kouzan Asset compared to other pre-sale real estate projects is that we transfers ownership of the land to buyers before completion to offer protection, certainty, and openness. In addition, we offer flexibility, as the floor plan, interior decor, furniture and fixtures of the villa can be customized to the preference of the owner, making it easy to build the ideal house, especially for foreign owners.

Kouzan Woods, comprised of 8 villas each with individual title starting from 8.25 million HKD, is now open for sale. Scheduled to complete in December of 2021, land size of each property is 495 sqm with construction area of 166 sqm and building area of 145sqm. Expected rental revenue per annum is 7-10%.

About Kouzan Asset Holdings Ltd.

Kouzan Asset was founded by chartered surveyors, architects and professional property investors. The company's mission is to provide a more secure and premium property investment market to overseas buyers. Their projects involve real estate development and design in Tokyo and Niseko, including Kouzan Phase 1, Kouzan Phase 2, GMG Hotel, Lower Hirafu Houses, and Lower Hirafu Apartment.

Read more: https://www.kouzanasset.com

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