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Sunon's Workspace Products Win Prestigious GOOD DESIGN® Award 2020, Standing Out from Over 3,000 Candidates

HANGZHOU, China, March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Sunon, a leading workspace solution provider, proudly announced that it has received two prestigious Good Design Awards 2020. The awards were given to Sunon's Plis and D Series products in the Furniture category, standing out from more than 3,000 other candidates from over 50 countries in various categories.

"Such an honor always makes us happy for what we do. Moreover, it is an endorsement that we are doing something right and creating value for our customers," said Cindy Shi, Managing Director of Sunon's International Business Center.

Previously, Plis and D Series both also won the German Design Award.

Plis is an artistic stacking chair designed by Favaretto & Partners Design Studio in Padua, Italy is both graceful and simple and inspired by plisse silk fabric, which is smooth, delicate, and vivid. The Plis chair is available in eight exquisite colors and can offer an artistic flow to multiple situations including offices, meeting venues and eating spaces.

Despite winning these prestigious international awards the Plis chair comes at a reasonable price and is a great choice for those companies who seek creativity and beauty in office equipment without spending a fortune.

Plis Stacking Chair
Plis Stacking Chair

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The other awardee, D Series, is an inspiring workstation solution, also designed by Favaretto & Partners. It aims at building a dynamic, flexible, and pleasant, workspace and enabling a seamless transition between work, negotiations, training, and socializing. Employers can choose workspace arrangements and additional amenities according to their preferences.

D Series Lounge Seating
D Series Lounge Seating

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About Sunon

Founded in 1991, Sunon has risen to the ranks of a global leader in workspace furniture. Following intensive R&D and state-of-the-art design solutions, Sunon has become a headlining manufacturer in the workspace design sector. Until now, Sunon has served 160+ global fortune 500 clients, including Google, Coca Cola, WeWork, Alibaba, Siemens, Huawei, among many others.

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