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UNNC offers people a wider stage to show their talent

NINGBO, China, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- "If you ask anyone on campus whether they enjoy life in Ningbo, and especially in UNNC, I am sure that you would receive 90% if not 99% positive feedback." Renee TONG, a UNNC student from Hong Kong said, who is studying International Studies in UNNC and will graduate this year.

According to Renee, this "huge family" is the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, which is the first Sino-foreign University in mainland China. With the great efforts of University of Nottingham, one of the top one percent ranking universities worldwide, and the dedication of Zhejiang province, where the university is located, have made UNNC one of a kind. The British-style teaching system and the cultivation of Chinese culture had made UNNC a unique and complete cradle for intelligent students all over the world.

Why choose UNNC

Here in UNNC, students can not only broaden their horizons by making friends far and wide, they can also reveal the mysterious veil of mainland China, showered in spectacular historical vibe on campus. UNNC provides lectures and programs for foreign students to participate and better understand the Chinese culture.

UNNC awarded graduates a degree certificate from the University of Nottingham. According to the British education system (applicable to universities in the Commonwealth), the bachelor's degree obtained by students is divided into first-class, second-class upper, second-class lower and third-class degrees.

Mainland China is expected to be the second largest economy, students graduated from UNNC have the irreplaceable quality of being educated under the cooperation of both British and Chinese system, which gives them promising prospects and makes them the hot shots on the market.

Now, there have been more than 10,000 alumnus with undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees from UNNC and continue their life all around the world. 98% of the graduates are employed or continue their studies after 6 months of graduation. 84% of those who choose to continue their studies enter the world's top 200 universities, and 80% of those who choose to enter the workforce had accepted by world's top 500 well-known Chinese companies and institutions, and are praised by employers.

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