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Detrack, Singapore's First SaaS Real-time E-POD, is Leading the Way in Last Mile Delivery Technology

First Singaporean bootstrap start-up in logistics tech to scale across 50 countries

SINGAPORE, April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- With stay-at-home shopping, seamless fulfilment, and contactless distribution here to stay, last mile delivery becomes a big part of customer satisfaction. Tackling the challenges of transparency and visibility in the delivery network, Singapore's leading delivery tracking Software as a Service (SaaS) platform Detrack allows both businesses and customers full control over the last mile in a safe, secured, and stable manner.

In line with the Government's Budget 2021 initiatives, this cloud-based real-time delivery tracking and electronic proof of delivery (E-POD) solution has stayed at the forefront of the logistics technology, trailblazing many 'Firsts' in Singapore, and helping companies with one simple yet complex aspect of the business operations. Always a consumer champion, Detrack has introduced innovative and affordable technology, setting the brand apart from other competitors in the market.


With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, there is a need to reduce human interactions with the use of technology; hence the growing need for digitisation and digitised signatures. Designed with user safety in mind, Detrack provides drivers and customers three fully-featured, configurable contactless delivery options, ensuring adequate proof of delivery upon package arrival. This includes the use of real-time live map view, photo proofs, instant text (SMS) request for remote contactless signing, and more.


Tracking has become commonplace in the e-commerce world, and has become inextricable from customer service. Spearheading the industry, Detrack is the first SaaS to provide a Tap To Track feature, which allows customers to track their own deliveries live on a map with an ETA - a concept widely familiar with ride hailing apps. Providing a higher level of tracking, with Detrack, customers now have visibility down to the second with just one tap from a link delivered to their mobile device. A technology fully owned by Detrack, businesses can also personalise their Tap To Track system with their company logo, message, hotline and more. Adding another layer of customer satisfaction, customers are also able leave their feedback using Tap To Track.


AI has largely transformed business operations and technological advancements in the last decade, even in the domain of logistics. Aside from using AI to save fuel charges by optimising delivery routes, Detrack is taking a step further by introducing AI for compliance in the last mile. In recent years, several companies have been threatened by lawsuits regarding the breach of personal data protection policies. Particularly, and more dangerously, for logistics companies, a breach is thinly threaded by an honest photo proof following a completed job. Using Detrack to assure drivers and businesses are Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) compliant, the newly instituted facial recognition feature within the app will send an immediate notification should a face be captured in the photo proof.

"A firm believer in technology, and making technology work for people – everything about Detrack is designed with the user in mind. Nothing delights us more than being able to help you gain visibility and control of your fleet, fed automatically and conveniently via your devices," says Dason Goh, CEO and Co-Founder, Detrack Systems Pte Ltd.

Detrack is also fully compliant with other key data protection policies, i.e. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and works closely with renowned cybersecurity firms to ensure the company, partners, and clients are safe from potential breaches.

Currently, the logistics tech start-up is also developing George, the world's first Geocoding Artificial Intelligence algorithm to combat the inaccuracies of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) coupled with the rising expectations of on-time deliveries. As of 2021, Detrack is the global solution in more than 50 countries and has been used to complete nearly 60 million jobs.

A full list of Detrack 'Firsts' can be found in the Appendix below and images HERE.

About Detrack

Launched in 2014, Singapore-based startup Detrack is an award-winning revolutionary real-time vehicle tracking and electronic proof of delivery (E-POD) solution that works anywhere in the world, with just the use of smartphones (iOS & Android). With Detrack, businesses are able to allow end consumers to track their deliveries in real-time, and backend operations to track the entire fleet and capture onsite proof of delivery – including signatures, photos, barcodes etc. - while receiving regular delivery notifications instantly.

Detrack is now the global solution in more than 50 countries, supporting 35 business types. Since January 2021, the app has been translated to 26 languages, with more than 80,000 installations; users have completed over 59 million jobs and captured more than 177 million E-PODs. For more information about Detrack, please visit https://www.detrack.com.


  1. First bootstrap start-up to scale across 50 countries
  2. First global SaaS real-time electronic proof of delivery solution launched in 2014
  3. First to be translated in 26 localised languages
  4. First to implement 'pay-as-you-use' model
  5. First driver is free
  6. First to introduce 'Tap to Track' feature
  7. First to account battery usage
  8. First to offer instant real-time notifications as a SaaS
  9. First to work in areas with poor or no 3G / 4G / mobile data connection
  10. First to work in offline mode


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