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Genesis MedTech to Introduce Revolutionary Laparoscopic Technology to China and Singapore

SINGAPORE, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Genesis MedTech has entered a strategic distribution agreement with LivsMed, a medical device company that brings ground-breaking technology to minimally invasive surgery, for the sales and distribution of the ArtiSential™ line of products for the Chinese and Singapore market. The ArtiSential™ line is a revolutionary series of articulating laparoscopic instruments designed to provide the user with fully articulating, wristed motion during laparoscopic surgery. It is ergonomically designed with a double joint structure, providing 360 multi-degree of freedom and provides control not available with conventional laparoscopic instruments. The device acts as an extension of the surgeon's arm into the surgical site, intuitively mimicking the movement of the user's hand, wrist and fingers, simultaneously translating motion into corresponding movements of the end-effector within the patient's body from multiple angles.

This allows for accessing narrow surgical sites and precision surgery and is particularly helpful for difficult suturing and dissection cases in tight spaces under complicated tissue structures, especially those around important vessels and organs.

ArtiSential(TM) Fenestrated Forceps
ArtiSential(TM) Fenestrated Forceps

Dr. Joel Dunning, a thoracic surgeon with James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK, summarizes by saying, "We want to mimic our hands in the body, and ArtiSential™ does this."

ArtiSential™ devices can be immediately incorporated into any surgical setting without the need for additional capital equipment or a large footprint in the operating room. It has more than 150 working end-effectors with three different lengths, which can be used for surgical operations in different professional fields such as general surgery, thoracic, urology, or gynaecology.

Warren Wang, Chairman and CEO of Genesis MedTech Group remarked, "With this new technology, surgeons can now perform more minimally invasive surgery over open surgery, despite procedures being more challenging, which translates to lesser patient risks and faster recovery time. This partnership with LivsMed underlines Genesis MedTech's quest towards innovation and making quality healthcare more affordable and accessible for emerging markets."

"While the 21st century has brought forth advanced technology in every corner of the world, minimally invasive surgical instruments have not changed much since it was first introduced thirty years ago," said Jung Jee Lee, Founder and CEO of LivsMed, Inc. "ArtiSential® instruments mimic the dexterity of the human hand and wrist making difficult surgery possible without open surgery and we are excited to partner with Genesis in bringing this new technology to as many surgeons and patients as possible in China."

Genesis is currently clearing NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) registration.


Genesis MedTech Group is a medical device company headquartered in Singapore. Founded by a group of professionals and entrepreneurs with MedTech experience globally and in Asia, the company's product portfolio focuses on value segment multi-therapy medical device products for emerging markets with sales and distribution through its established commercial network. Genesis MedTech Group covers the entire industry value chain of research and development, production, quality management, supply chain, marketing, and sales.

For more information, visit http://www.genesismedtech.com.


LivsMed Inc. is a medical device company that brings groundbreaking technology to minimally invasive surgery. Founded in South Korea, LivsMed is the creation of Dr. Jung Joo Lee, who envisioned a new paradigm of laparoscopic surgery where articulating technology is available to every surgeon. With this vision, the ArtiSential™ product line was introduced to the Korean medical device market in 2018 and has been met with much excitement from surgeons around the world. LivsMed continues to focus on revolutionizing the capabilities of minimally invasive surgery, advancing surgical outcomes and extending the lives of patients. 

For more information about LivsMed, visit www.livsmed.com

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