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Korea's Outstanding SMEs as Frontline Fighters against COVID-19

SEOUL, South Korea, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BSR Korea is encouraging and supporting decent and respectful domestic SMEs of prophylaxis industry to enter the global procurement-as-a-service market, as the government-entrusted organizing agency of the COVID-19 quarantine project, Marketing Support for Companies Specialized in Bio-functional Material in Global Market held by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) from the second half of 2019.


Especially, this project is intended to support new market development by raising the brand awareness of K-Quarantine encompassing various prevention-centered items, services and technologies at the national level, instead of merely supporting companies in entering the overseas market; it is highly evaluated as achieving SMEs' entry into the global public procurement sector that is difficult for SMEs to participate.

The following 13 business entities are working on this project: FILTERTECH, Happy Day, CAVAC, Duduelim, Samjin, Time System, Ace Biome, SD Foods, En-O-En, BioAlpha Cosmos, Ercohs, and Eugene Biotech.

BSR Korea, the agency specialized in the public sector, has extensive experience in preparing short- and medium-term frameworks, such as planning for emergency supplies and mid- to long-term stockpile purchases for the US federal government, state governments and major prime vendors. It has established the most optimized strategy to support SMEs in the overseas market.

Among them, FILTERTECH and Happy Day, with the cooperation of BSR Korea, attempt to expand overseas in the public procurement sector with masks and their total intelligence sanitization systems required for COVID-19 prevention, by leveraging a variety of channels.

Currently, FILTERTECH has demonstrated Clear Gate and Rainbow Gate, its total intelligence sanitization systems ($5,300 per each), to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Japan. FILTERTECH's system is characterized by spraying sanitizer into space, not directly to the human body the system enables automatic atomization according to the visitor's motion in order to prevent the spread of disease via contract or respiratory droplets.

FILTERTECH's total intelligent sanitization system for effective virus prevention to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing in worldwide demand: Japan, United States, Europe and South America.

Global organizations and foreign government agencies praise South Korea's success in containing the COVID-19 without radial measures, and are benchmarking K-Quarantine products, systems, and technologies.

With the nation-level support for domestic SMEs' advance in the global public procurement sector, such as the project Marketing Support for Companies Specialized in Bio-functional Material in Global Market at the national level, the Korean government provides various assistance for returning to normal life, while outstanding K-Quarantine-related companies are drawing attention in the overseas markets.

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