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Report from global sustainability platform finds that interest in conscious consumption in Singapore more than doubled in 2020

Technology startup abillion releases Surfing the Plant-Based Wave in Singapore, a deep dive into sustainable consumption.

Key Highlights

  • Interest in conscious consumption in Singapore doubled in 2020.
  • Flexitarians are the fastest growing consumer group in Singapore.
  • Top performing plant-based products in Singapore are snacks (chips & crisps, mylk, and cookies, biscuits & crackers).
  • Demand for plant-based chicken and pork in Singapore is rapidly growing.
  • Growing demand for plant-based meat mince and strips over patties.

Surfing the Plant-Based Wave in Singapore, full report here: https://www.data.abillion.com/post/surfing-the-plant-based-wave-in-singapore.

SINGAPORE, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A recent research study produced by sustainability platform abillion, has found that the interest in conscious consumption in Singapore more than doubled in 2020. This was driven by heightened awareness of social, environmental, and health issues.

Sustainability in Southeast Asia is projected to generate US$1 trillion worth of economic opportunities annually by 2030, largely derived from sustainable production and consumption. Singapore is quickly establishing itself as Asia's central node in the global supply network serving socially responsible consumers. To tap on this enormous potential, a deep understanding of conscious consumers in the region is critical.

"While still nascent in Singapore, we see an emerging demand for sustainable food alternatives. Enterprise Singapore is keen to work with partners to strengthen infrastructure, talent and consumer awareness so that there can be a wider range of plant-based foods at competitive prices in the market. We hope to leverage the ongoing momentum to find opportunities to create healthier, safer and more resilient food solutions and systems for the benefit of Asia and the world," says Bernice Tay, Director of Food Manufacturing, Enterprise Singapore.

abillion is a digital platform building a global community of conscious consumers. Using the abillion app, members can review and discover vegan food and sustainable products. abillion holds the world's most valuable and unique consumer data set for sustainability. As more members post reviews, the dataset continues to grow exponentially.

Singapore is abillion's fourth largest market based on reviews on the abillion app (62,000 at the time of this release), and ranks first in Asia. Singapore consumers are also one of two most vocal groups calling for environmental and social change among businesses on the abillion platform (the other being Argentina).

Member and review growth both exploded in Singapore in 2020: the membership base grew 2.5x compared to 2019; reviews more than doubled; and the average review count grew 32%. Thanks especially to reviews of plant-based dishes, total consumer reviews in Singapore rose to historic highs.

abillion's data showed that flexitarians are Singapore's fastest-growing consumer segment. 65% of abillion members globally are omnivores or flexitarians. In Singapore, flexitarians account for the smallest share of the abillion membership base, but they also represent the fastest-growing segment. New members on abillion were more than 5X more likely to identify as flexitarian compared to those who joined in 2019. Likewise, flexitarians topped the growth charts in other key markets like the US, UK, Spain and Argentina.

"Flexitarians are driving the plant-based wave in Singapore. These consumers are catalysing broad-based change across sectors, and are choosing ethics, mindfulness, and sustainability everytime they make a purchase decision. We believe more consumers will be attracted to the flexitarian lifestyle, which will spur demand for sustainable options in Singapore and beyond. These opportunities are likely to transcend the food and dining space to include the beauty, home, and fashion sectors," says Maria Tan, lead abillion data scientist behind this report.

For more insights into conscious consumption in Singapore, please refer to the full report, Surfing the Plant-Based Wave in Singapore, here: https://www.data.abillion.com/post/surfing-the-plant-based-wave-in-singapore.

This report is based on a study of over 62,000 reviews by abillion members in Singapore. This investigative report has been supported by Enterprise Singapore and is the first of two deep dives into sustainable consumerism in Singapore. The second will be published in August 2021 and will focus on the local Food & Beverage sector.

About abillion

At abillion, we're working to drive a global movement for plant-based food and earth-friendly products. abillion is a digital platform that assists people that want to make sustainable choices. Using the abillion app, members can discover vegan food and vegan and cruelty-free products. abillion, launched in 2018 by CEO Vikas Garg, is unique in harnessing social media for social good. Whenever a member chooses sustainably and shares a review, abillion donates $1 to a life-saving cause which the member, can choose through the app. The abillion app has been downloaded by nearly one million people around the world and has donated more than US $500,000 to life-saving causes around the world. Consumer reviews, along with consumer insights, are shared with business owners, influencing nearly 100,000 brands worldwide to offer more sustainable options.

Website: www.abillion.com

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