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Shenton Brokers Launches Insurance Checkup to Narrow Coverage Gaps

SINGAPORE, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Shenton Brokers has launched Insurance Checkup to help consumers gain a better understanding of their protection needs and take steps to narrow gaps in their insurance coverage.

With the exception of car and health policies, which are required in Singapore, many people view insurance with suspicion. That's why Shenton Brokers started an education-driven platform for buying insurance. This month, the company is launching Insurance Checkup, a tool that allows users to discover their coverage gaps, and provide personalized advice and quotes from over 20 insurance providers.

Insurance Checkup helps people pinpoint how much insurance they need in under 5 minutes. Users complete a series of simple questions, covering information about the user and the user's family. The tool generates a report that give users an overview of their coverage gaps and a summary of insurance recommendations. But this doesn't stop there. We offer users a complete shopping experience, allowing them to go from research to application at their own pace and only providing personal details when they are ready to buy the insurance.

"It is important to review your insurance policy on a regular basis to ensure that you are adequately covered in the event of a mishap. We recognize that insurance needs will differ from person to person, so we set out to create tools that would help you determine the right coverage for your situation," said Dr. Vivien Chua, CTO of Shenton Insurance Brokers.

Shenton Brokers helps you to compare and buy insurance plans. You can find the Insurance Checkup here.

About Shenton Brokers

Shenton Brokers (https://shentonbrokers.sg/) is a leading online insurance marketplace in Singapore. We make it easy for customers to compare and buy the insurance policies that best fit their needs and circumstances. In minutes, you can get quotes from more than 20 insurance companies and save with the lowest prices.

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