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Taiwan's Fluid Power Industry Players Gather at HANNOVER MESSE Digital Edition 2021

Open the Door to Opportunities in the Industry 4.0 Era

TAIPEI, April 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan's machine manufacturing industry is internationally renowned, with an annual export value of some NT$5 trillion (approx. US$175.8 billion). Over recent years, the industry has been expanding its sales abroad with smart manufacturing solutions. Fluid power, as a key upstream segment of the machinery industry, has continued see its international competitiveness enhanced, with upgrades taking place throughout Taiwan's high-tech industries, most notably, in the semiconductors and precision machinery segments. Despite the worldwide pandemic, the industry's leading players plan to attend the HANNOVER MESSE Digital Edition under the theme of with the aim of taking advantage of various digital marketing opportunities and to further enhance their recognition in the global arena.

Taiwan Fluid Power Association brings together 11 senior players in Taiwan's fluid power industry, jointly exhibiting their latest line-up of pneumatic and hydraulic components alongside fluid machine parts and components. With the changing industry trends, these exhibits place an emphasis on smart manufacturing and high performance. The product line-up has applications in many high-tech sectors including semiconductors, aerospace, tooling machines and electric vehicles, as well as in the textile machinery and petrochemical sectors, providing leading-edge power component solutions to equipment makers worldwide. Enter the exclusive CODE of the Taiwan Fluid Power Association, SL2et, to complete registration and visit the show at no cost (https://www.hannovermesse.de/en/application/registration/ticket-registration/) .

ANSON Hydraulics Industrial is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and power units. In addition to representing the most advanced CNC profile grinders from Japan, the company has repeatedly achieved technical breakthroughs, including self-adjusting quality control of the machining precision of parts when developing new products. Strict quality control is the philosophy that Anson Hydraulics Industrial adheres to, where every product undergoes detailed process control before leaving the factory, to ensure that its quality meets the most stringent standards.

CHANTO has long been dedicated to creating components such as pneumatic cylinders, air grippers, solenoid valves and FRL combination units, while providing a full range of solutions to the fluid power industry. In addition to ISO, Dun & Bradstreet, RoHS and CE certifications, most of the company's products are compatible with the specifications adopted by major Japanese and European manufacturers. CHANTO has an established equipment portfolio and marketing network, while adhering to their corporate mantra of Best Quality, Value Creation and Customized Service, which are implemented in every step of operations from R&D, manufacturing, assembly and testing to customer service.

CHENG MAO Precision Sealing offers an end-to-end solution covering the full range of processes, from product design, product drawing, mold manufacturing, rubber compounding, dynamic sample testing to finished products. The company also uses CNC lathe equipment. CHENG MAO has been training its production workers in the latest processes and technologies, in a move to optimize product quality. CHENG MAO's researchers and developers use the leading applications in their work, including Cadkey, Cadkey Solids and Fastsurf, in tandem with CNC's surfcam and mastercam software, to design products for customers.

C-JAC Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in hydraulic shock absorber, precision speed controllers, two-way dampers and air pressure pilot check valves, backed by a wide range of verification instruments and equipment as well as the ownership of several patents. The company responds quickly to market demands, and has enhanced the accuracy and timeliness of each step to market from concept, prototype, production and inspection to certification projects, to meet the diverse needs of its customers. C-JAC Industrial Co., Ltd. said the main reason it has been named the designated partner of several global customers is its years of experience and insights into market needs, as well as its indomitable spirit in meeting challenges as it sought to enhance its competitiveness.

COSTAR MACHINERY CO., LTD. Enterprise has production facilities in Taiwan and Thailand which produce hydraulic cylinder tubes, hydraulic circuit tubes, piston rods and hot finished cylinder tubes. As an ASR ISO 9001 certified firm, COSTAR supplies products that meet international standards, and collaborates with customers to provide third-party certification. The company's products are priced to target middle- and high-end customers, while meeting every requirement of entire inspection processes in Europe and the US. COSTAR provides differentiated services and is open to the possibility of investing in new production plans jointly with customers, as a form of mutual cooperation.

DEES Hydraulic Industrial is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic press. The company's equipment can be used for production processes including sheet metal forming and composite material thermoforming, as well as in the auto parts, aerospace and electronics industries. As a long-term partner of several major customers worldwide, Dees Hydraulic Industrial has not only obtained ISO9001 and CE certifications, but has also developed and implemented customized technologies based on R&D and years of technical experience, to meet various needs of customers worldwide through international cooperation and exchanges.

GOLDEN ASIA Industrial specializes in the production of steel seamless tubes for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, piston rods (chrome plated rods), guide rods for automated machines, stainless steel tubes, stainless steel shafts and seamless aluminum tubes mainly for pneumatic, hydraulic and other types of heavy-duty equipment. The consistency of the high quality of the company's raw materials serves to guarantee the company's leading market position. In terms of technology, Golden Asia Industrial has obtained a patent for its proprietary plating technology, alongside having implemented intelligent production across all of its processes, leading the firm to outperform nearly 1,000 competitors in the industry and win long-term partners appointed by major international manufacturers.

K. JOVE Component Industrial's main products include pneumatic and hydraulic components and control systems. The company provides intelligent energy-saving solutions through cutting-edge technologies and processes. K. Jove is committed to consistently improving traditional products and developing new products, and currently has several patented products in mass production. The company said it is currently producing an average of 10,000 components per day that are shipped to customers globally, and is capable of making mass-production equipment for automated production that meet the needs of high-end manufacturers.

PETSEALS Industries specializes in design and manufacturing of diverse seals for specialized and demanding application., with a full range of products that meet the stringent requirements of mature markets in Europe, the US and Japan. A spokesperson from Petseals explained that the material with which an oil seal is made is a key determinant of its performance, with the result that the firm chooses only materials that are in full compliance with REACH and RoHS regulations. The company's engineers develop formulations of materials imported from Europe and the US, and has created a global materials database.

SHAN HUA Plastic Industrial mainly manufactures pneumatic tubing and hose and is known for its quality inspection that meets high standards and real-time after services. Each production step at Shan Hua plants has been tested and proven compliant with the highest standards including ISO9001 and ROHS & REACH. With satisfying customer needs as the ultimate goal, Shan Hua is able to adjust product production and development, shipment and logistics and after services in real time, and provide real-time consulting services, to meet the stringent expectations of their customers.

TAKKEN is a pioneer professional hydraulic cylinders and the system integration plant in Taiwan's fluid machine sector. The firm's engineers can design hydraulic cylinders under different environmental parameters, to meet customer's needs. The company offers stable product quality and long lifecycle, as well after services, providing customers with the most durable guarantees. Takken said given the fierce competition in the global market, the company must continue enhancing its research and development momentum to improve competitiveness.

The 30-year-strong Taiwan Fluid Power Association is a non-profit organization established by industry players in Taiwan. Against the backdrop of COVID-19's over-sized impact on international trade, the Association is leading the drive among manufacturers in the industry to accelerate smart transformation and adopt energy-efficient manufacturing, as well as to develop digital marketing strategies that enhance their international stature. The move demonstrates the determination of Taiwan manufacturers to move aggressively into the global market despite the obstacles.


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