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MSG won praise for its outstanding performance in FX110 Virtual Expo

TAIPEI, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BrokersShow 2021 Virtual Expo Taiwan Station hosted by FX110 has just successfully concluded on April 24, 2021. This expo was held simultaneously on three platforms including BrokersShow's official APP, H5 and Web page, and totally attracted 23 CFD brokers to participate. As one of the world's leading online trading brokers, Master Select Group attended this exhibition as the highest-level exhibitor. With its outstanding performance throughout the activity, it has won the attention of many investors!

Master Select Group integrated mascot "GoGo Shark" into the booth
Master Select Group integrated mascot "GoGo Shark" into the booth

The reason why Master Select Group was able to stand out from the 23 exhibitors, not only because of the perfect location of the booth but also inseparable from the ingenious booth design. In the booth design process, MSG consistently used the company's brand colors - red and blue. "Calmness and Boldness" represented by red and blue is not only embedded in MSG's brand DNA, but also in the blood of every investor.

The mascot, GoGo Shark, which jumped up directly above the booth became the finishing touch of the design. In order to break the stereotypes of traditional financial platforms left to investors, Master Select Group cleverly integrated the newly-launched corporate mascot "GoGo Shark" into the booth. During the two-day exhibition, many investors were attracted by this cute 3D shark. It absolutely added unique vitality and charm to the atmosphere of the booth!

The interaction of live stream sections between exhibitors and investors is another highlight of BrokersShow Virtual Expo. MSG attached great importance to this two-way communication opportunity to demonstrate the company's positive energy, and invited Dylan Tan from Singapore with 12 years of financial commodity trading experience to bring an inspiring lecture.

Dylan is the founder of D Lifestyle Trader and has created D' Lifestyle Trading Method. He has extensive experience in practical trading, technical analysis and investor education. In the live lecture on April 23, Dylan used a relaxed and down-to-earth dialogue method to quickly attract hundreds of investors to interact in the live stream channel, and the practical content gained unanimous praise from the audience.

During this expo, Master Select Group also launched a series of limited-time preferential activities. The two-day exhibition ended in a joyful atmosphere. All exhibitors expressed the hope to have more opportunities to communicate with counterparts and investors in the future.


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