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Revere VC Raises Seed Round In Mission To Give Venture Capital Its Vanguard Moment

HONG KONG, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Revere VC, a San Francisco and Hong Kong based asset management firm, announced today the launch of its flagship products and services: 'The Portal', a curated VC platform, and its inaugural fund strategy, 'Prime Access Fund'.  In addition, Revere VC also announced the close of its seed round at $1.35 million, with participation from strategic equity investor AngelList, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and Thailand-based Siamrajthanee Group / SeaX founder Nattaphol Vimolchalao. The funds will be used to provide institutional investors a more holistic way to invest in venture capital, while bringing themes of productization and curation to the asset class. 

Additional notable VC insiders and strategic angels have also backed Revere's vision, including HS Group founder and chief investment officer Michael Garrow, Hong Kong-based family office investor Ariel Shtarkman, asset management firm Blue Future Partners, Mindworks VC's David Chang, Color Health Head of Operations Doug Ma, corporate VC advisor Mark Klopp, Singapore's Brave Dynamics founder Jeremy Au, and Amplify.LA's Paul Bricault, in addition to others.

"We are approaching the 'Vanguard' moment for venture capital, where exposure to the asset class will increasingly be through novel investment products as opposed to the very limited ways we currently have to invest," said Eric Woo, co-founder for Revere VC. "For us, it's all about bringing the most interesting and innovative ideas, in particular emerging managers and our products - to the fingertips of the modern asset allocator."

Through its 'Prime Access Fund', 'The Portal', and other fund products in development, Revere VC provides investors immediate access to a vetted, curated and targeted menu of venture capital investment opportunities. These products enable investors to build a balanced portfolio similar to how they approach public markets, eliminating the current difficulties in accessing "name brand" funds and relying on questionable crowdfunding platforms, fee-intensive brokerage channels, and inconsistent word-of-mouth referrals.

"Revere serves an important purpose by bridging traditional capital allocators into venture capital through custom and thematic investment strategies," said Avlok Kohli, CEO of AngelList Venture. Revere VC enables investors the opportunity to invest in products across themes, sectors, geographies, and regions - similar to how investors would traditionally invest in the public markets through firms such as Vanguard, Charles Schwab, and iShares.

Through Revere VC's product offerings, modern investors ranging from high-net worth individuals, single family offices and wealth advisory firms to large financial institutions, private banks and global asset management firms will have a comprehensive and curated path to investing in top-tier venture capital opportunities. Revere VC is poised to revolutionize the way global communities and cultures interact with and within the venture capital ecosystem. The productization of venture capital Revere VC offers is a unique value proposition that creates avenues of access to an asset class that has been exclusionary and opaque.

Kevin Lin, Twitch co-founder and Revere VC seed investor said, "as a child of immigrant parents, who worked tirelessly in pursuit of access and opportunity, I believe that technology is a positive amplifier in our lives and amazing people building challenging technologies make the world better. Revere's technology and product offerings, many of which have a social impact, sustainability and diversity & inclusion focus, is an example of this positive amplifier and serves to improve access to the investment world."

Since launch, Revere VC's portal is oversubscribed by 4x with a running waitlist that extends to four continents and 13 cities, with strong interest from both the supply side, consisting of emerging managers and deal sponsors, as well as the demand side, primarily consisting of family offices, wealth management firms and advisory firms. 

The company also announced a raft of its advisory appointments in the last week, including noted Silicon Valley VC investor and advisor Pankaj Shah, Derek Chang, Liberty Media Board member and former CEO of NBA China, Kevin Lin, and Ariel Shtarkman, as well as venture partners focusing on Europe, Latin America, Asia, MENA, secondaries, healthcare and cryptocurrencies.

About Revere VC

Revere VC is the next generation asset management firm for venture capital. Revere VC pioneers turn-key fund products that apply index and ETF investing methodologies to provide investors with sector and thematic exposure to venture capital. Revere VC delivers its investment products and other curated venture capital investment opportunities to your fingertips via a digital experience - The Portal - empowering you to build your portfolio with confidence, knowledge, and complete control. By taking the complexity out of the private markets investing, Revere VC lights the way for a whole new generation of investors looking to access the venture capital asset class. Revere VC was founded in 2020 with strategic investments from AngelList and other prominent venture capital insiders, asset management firms, family offices, and strategic angel investors based in the United States, Asia, LatAm, and Europe. To learn more about the company, visit www.reverevc.com 

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