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SOR Robotic Security Vehicle Achieves Site Acceptance

PERTH, Australia, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Strategic Elements Ltd (ASX:SOR) is pleased to report that its Autonomous Security Vehicle (ASV) has successfully passed Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) at the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison. SAT was attended by members of the Department of Justice, Honeywell and Stealth Technologies. In automation projects SAT is used to test whether a new product meets certain criteria as intended in a designated live operating environment and connected to real-world devices and interfaces. It is a key milestone in the delivery of autonomous technologies to an end customer.

The Site Acceptance Testing involved the following aspects:

  • Complete full missionsinternal and external perimeter
  • Switched between manual and autonomous control
  • Stopped through the Emergency Stop button on the Command & Control Centre
  • ASV mission can be paused, stopped to prevent collision, failover to redundant hardware and can continue the current mission.

The ASV developed for the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison was designed to complete fully autonomous security missions around the perimeter of the prison. The ASV is seamlessly integrated into the prison's security management platform and can navigate pre-defined missions to test all aspects of the interior and exterior fence line technology including:

  • Microphonics Sensor testing
  • Microwave Beam testing
  • Photo Electric Beam testing (PE)
  • Electro Magnetic Field testing (EM)

Testing of the perimeter is aided by a robotic actuator that extends out of the vehicle and simulates cutting or climbing of the fence. Surveillance is provided by a military grade camera that provides 360-degree high definition video surveillance. The ASV reports back in real time to the Honeywell Security Manager System via Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI). Communication includes testing outcomes, mission status, ASV diagnostics, surveillance and admin via the Patrol Control Centre.

Forward Planning

Stealth Technologies has developed custom robotics built on top of its AxV autonomous mobile platform to develop the first 'automated perimeter security solution' of its kind anywhere in the world. With the ASV successfully passing SAT, further potential facilities and deployments of the perimeter security testing focused ASV can now be pursued. 

The company has also been conducting ongoing discussions with potential early adopters for the ASV and the AxV Platform (autonomous mobile robotics) in non-correctional sectors. The company is seeking to work closely with early adopters to deeply understand their use cases, solve their specific problems and continuously upgrade and improve the technology. A further update will be released should an agreement be entered into for the ASV or AxV Platform.

The ASV is designed to automate perimeter security. The ASV will be deployed to increase the security of the perimeter and reduce the amount of human involvement in testing and patrols, freeing those staff up for more skilled tasks. The global perimeter security market is forecast to grow quickly at CAGR of 12.0% over the forecast period 2020-2026 (reaching USD 282.26 Billion by 2025).1

Strategic Elements Background

Investors in SOR potentially pay no tax on capital gains from selling their SOR shares as the company operates under a Federal Government program setup to encourage investment into innovation. Strategic Elements operates as a 'venture builder' where it generates high risk-high reward ventures and projects from combining teams of leading scientists or innovators in the technology or resources sectors.  

More information Charles Murphy, Managing Director Phone: +61 8 9278 2788 admin@strategicelements.com.au  www.strategicelements.com.au

This announcement was authorised for release by Strategic Elements' Board of Directors.


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