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Active8me Announces New Health Tech Partnership

MANILA, Philippines, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Award-winning health and wellness platform Active8me today announced a partnership with mWell to deliver unprecedented online health care services in the Philippines.

Under the collaboration, Filipinos will have access to online doctor consultations, health education, wellness programs, online pharmacy services, and other health services.

The mWell App, developed by Metro Pacific Health Tech Corporation, is the country's first fully integrated, one-stop health & lifestyle app.

Two-time Olympian and founder of Active8me Jeremy Rolleston said Active8me's contribution to mWell would ensure its users had access to Active8me's personalized daily fitness, nutrition and wellness programs as part of mWell's comprehensive health technology platform.

"We're pleased to work with mWell to help provide a total preventative health solution, with the power to transform lives at scale," Rolleston said.

"Our customized digital care programs - which includes a diabetes prevent program - provide daily workouts, nutritious meal plans and recipes, mindfulness lessons, tracking, as well as live chat with our expert health coaches."

Rolleston said at-home health and wellness solutions were now more important than ever with Covid-19 accelerating the need for preventative health support.

"Mobile health solutions are crucial during this global pandemic when many people are working from home," he said.

"The mWell-Active8me partnership will go a long way in ensuring Filipinos have greater access to personalized healthcare."

President and CEO of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation Joey Lim states, "Even before the pandemic, Filipinos have needed better access to healthcare. Many challenges and limitations hinder medical care and treatment, more so in the covid crisis. We are truly excited with mWell, the MPIC group's initial foray in digital health care."  

"The fully-integrated experience empowers patients to be in full control of their health and wellbeing with just a few clicks on their phones, in the comforts of their own home. It truly is a game changer in healthcare management," adds Lim.

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