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Ihsan Tarore, the first Likee star who will sing on the Indonesian Idol stage

Popularity doesn't stop Ihsan explore his talent as a content creator and won the 'Likee Star Idol' contest

JAKARTA, March 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Social media, especially the platform for creating short videos, is a place for many people to escape when boredom hits. Moreover, during the pandemic, which forces people to do everything from home, we need to be more creative in executing our daily tasks and filling our spare time. In fact, this is also experienced by a well-known celebrity!

A famous artist, Ihsan Tarore, besides being a singer and soap opera actor, currently he is also exploring social media and becoming a content creator on Likee platform during the pandemic. "Instead of just dazing and staying at home, I am looking for a place to express myself. Then, I found Likee which can channel that and fill my spare time," explained the man who was born in Medan.

To date, Ihsan has already gained tens of thousands of fans on Likee thanks to his active creation of creative content. Ihsan also uses the live streaming feature for quite some time to greet and interact with his fans directly.

Ihsan Tarore, the first Likee star who will sing on the Indonesian Idol stage
Ihsan Tarore, the first Likee star who will sing on the Indonesian Idol stage

Keep updating on social media even though it's already popular

Even though he is already popular for his melodious voice, Ihsan still tries new things and successfully becomes a content creator by working on social media. Ihsan also recently won a Likee contest entitled 'Likee Star Idol S2', the search for the most talented content creator in Indonesia.

Ihsan confessed, he started to become a Likee content creator because his younger brother encouraged him to do so. Since then, he has felt the excitement and make Likee as a platform to relieve stress. The eldest of three siblings also utilizes Likee as a platform to greet fans.

"Because of the pandemics and lockdowns happening in many places, which makes it difficult for me to greet my fans. It's been very rare for me to perform off-air, which resulted in hardly ever seeing each other. Well, Likee is also a place for me to interact directly and even get closer to my fans. The features in Likee make it possible for us to be able to give greetings immediately, "he said.

Ihsan Tarore, the first Likee star who will sing on the Indonesian Idol stage
Ihsan Tarore, the first Likee star who will sing on the Indonesian Idol stage

Encourage people to become Likee content creators

Ihsan experienced many positive things by becoming a Likee content creator. For example, he could tell how things were behind the scenes when making soap operas and share singing tips with many people. Because of that, he did not hesitate to invite people to also become a creator at Likee.

"There's nothing wrong with trying to take part in Likee and creating creative content. In accordance with the Likee tagline, It's Time for You to Shine, Likee is a platform for all of us to be recognized by many people. We can share positive things with others and express ourselves," said the owner of @ihsantarore Likee account.

According to him, creating short video content is not as easy as imagined, especially as a content creator you have to think about what is fun and interesting for the audience. However, if you are focused on creating content in Likee, it can be a place to increase income for anyone. "Don't be shy and keep honing your creativity. I trust you can also shine," he continued. 

Will appear on the Indonesian Idol Stage!

Ihsan has succeeded in becoming a content creator at Likee which brought him to the Indonesian Idol stage. Being the 1st place winner of the Likee Star Idol S2 contest, Ihsan is the first Likee star who stands on the stage with national popularity! As a reward for the champion, Likee collaborated with Indonesian Idol to invite Ihsan as a guest singer to perform on the Indonesian Idol stage. Ihsan will sing to fill the Indonesian Idol event on Monday, March 29, 2021 with his songs.

"The plan is I will sing my own song which I medley. Don't forget to watch! Especially for the fans who want to know more about Likee," he concluded. If you're a fan of Ihsan, don't forget to turn on your TV on March 29 at 21:00 WIB to enjoy the music gala. At the same time, you will get the chance to win an iPhone 12 Pro, if you follow Ihsan's Likee account, which is @ihsantarore, and join the short video creation challenge #IhsanChallenge between 29 March and 6 April on Likee. Did it arouse your interest? Then, download the app by clicking Likee here to seize your lucky chance!

Likee makes it easy for users to create interesting videos and record memorable moments. As a result, Likee is ranked first in the "Top 10 Breakout Apps'' lineup according to the 2019 App Annie report. In addition, Likee also takes sixth place on the "Top Apps Overall Worldwide'' list in Q1 of 2020 according to Sensor Tower. Likee allows its users to have a unique experience, where users can explore creativity, express themselves, and get the opportunity to communicate with their idols through various challenges. #TimeKamuBersinar by bringing creative ideas to Likee!

About Likee

Likee is a Singapore-based leading global platform for the viewing and creation of short-form mobile video. Its superior video editing and creation tools inspire real-life creativity with over 2,000 video effects. Likee creates the opportunity for anyone in the world to not only seen and heard, but to shine. Likee's features also encourage connection and conversation among users by gamifying viewing and interactions.

Made by BIGO Technology Pte. Ltd, Likee was first released in July 2017 and is now one of the most popular applications in the world and ranked sixth as the most downloaded social media app worldwide according to Sensor Tower in Q1 of 2020. Likee also ranked first in the 'Top 10 Breakout Apps' series according to App Annie's report in 2019. Likee: Let you shine.


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